Full Moon

Story time: Tess is sitting in online class, waiting for things to start, doodling on the back of her homework.

Tess draws a nice wolfo head.

Tess adds a body to that wolfo head.

After consulting with friends, Tess decides to put in a background.

Tess looks up source material.

Tess works.

And works.

And works.

The orange plastic clicker pencil in her hands almost breaks.

A dozen tissues (for blending) and a fatigued right hand later, Tess has one of the best drawings she’s ever made.


Argh, my cray printer uploaded this in LQ! :@ But still, this has a beautiful background (them hills!), a highlighted and shadowed wolf and a great night sky.

What do you think? I know I’m a believer in spontaneous art!



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Mega Art Dump 2017

To begin, I want to thank you guys for all the sweet comments related to yesterday’s drawing. They just really made my day.

Now, for what you have been waiting for…

…the most epic art dump of 2017…

…28 pages of good drawings…

…including a minor change in style…

…You’re excited, aren’t you?…


Image result for do it gif
from giphy

Part One: Before The Style Change


Some people. I’m getting better aren’t I?

(A lot of these will be kind of grey because I had to lower the brightness to get the lines to show.)


I will leave you to decide whether this is a wolf or a horse.


Hand holding a hot dog? I did attempt to shade.


Stargazing wolfos (not inspired by The Lion King II at all….;)) This is really adorable, but the white wolf looks like a bear. 😦


An epic tree.

Part Two: The Switch

I got into a drawing slump after drawing the two stargazing wolves. I couldn’t get my wolves to look like they had any dimension. Out of desperation, I looked up some wolves from the second Balto movie. Just to get some ideas.


Yeah, they aren’t bad.


Not bad at all, actually. But something about them lacked what my drawings usually have. I identified it as the eyes. It always bugs me when animals are drawn/animated with whites in their eyes. There is such thing as an expressive eye without whites. So I experimented…




Not bad. (I was thinking about lip syncing here.)


You know, I actually like it! It balances cartoonability and realism, and considering that I draw for the purpose of animation, I decided to stick with it.

So I worked further, seeing if it could be translated into a pup form.





(The big blur underneath covers up possibly the creepiest drawing ever. You should be thankful I covered it up.)



I like the style because I’m able to communicate an incredible amount of expression into it.




This comes from the animatic I am working on right now. Here are some other shots from it.






Any guesses as to what it could be about?


Yes, I definitely am keeping with this style. It helps give them dimension and looks the same from all angles.


And this is the grand finale! I’m in love with these wolfos.

Thus endeth the biggest art dump possibly ever.

What do you think of my new style?




A Tiny Art Dump – June 27

I have been in a drawing slump recently. I’m in between the point where I thought I was good, then realised a serious error in all my wolf drawings and am still trying to get better. As a result, most of my drawings have been small sketches here and there.

I don’t even think this counts as an art dump. Oh well.

6-13-17 thomas0001

A couple of Disney doodles. I liked the Danny (Great Dane on top from 101 Dalmatians) except that his legs were too short. So I abandoned him. Tramp is not bad, but there’s something up with his mouth and the rat’s claws. And the Bambi is hands-down horrible.

6-13-17 wolves1.jpg

I sketched some more wolves, trying to get angles just right. So far all my front views have been awful. But the wolf in the middle wasn’t bad, so I did a transfer onto another sheet of paper.

6-13-17 wolves2

I like everything about it except that:

  1. his colouring needs to be more blended
  2. his back right leg is too floppy.

You’ll see what I mean if you look at the original sketch.


(The grey box contains a bit of P.I. so I covered it up.)

This, on the other hand, wasn’t bad, and it’s nice to have a bit of a break from the usual horses and wolves. I’m making a photocopy of it for my art binder and giving the original to my dad to hang up at work. I love this!

With tonight’s lion, I may be getting out of my drawing ditch.

Any tips?


(PS: Who else is psyched for Camp Nanowrimo? I may be making a cabin for blogging friends – comment JULYNOWRIMO if you think this is a good idea.)


Amateur Art Dump (May 8, 2017)

I hate you, WordPress. Why won’t you let me use my ‘r’ and ‘l’? You have forced me to resort to writing this out on another application and pasting it into the writer-thing. It’s even affected (or, shall I say, infected) my commenting. Is anyone else having this problem? It’s driving me slightly insane.

Weird Automattic issues aside, here’s the latest amateur art dump, ranked, as usual, from my least favourite to my favourite.

A friend and I took a quiz, and our results came back with her being a Golden Retriever and me being a Saint Bernard. (I never really thought I was the Saint Bernard type, but oh well.) So I drew a portrait of the two of us. As dogs, of course.


I tried using my ADF on my printer, so these are a little lower-quality than usual. Oh well, though, you can see the lines.

(Suddenly, my ‘r’-‘l’ problem is fixed. Coincedence? I think not.)

In speaking of canine front views, here’s a lackluster wolf. But a wolf nonetheless.


(ADF, why the line?)

Ignore the pawprint in the corner. I was explaining something on one of my drawings.

Next we have a horse & rider.


The rider’s side-glancing eyes are slightly unnerving. Almost creepy.


Here’s a wolf. This is the first three-quarter angle that I’ve done, and I’m super proud of it. I like the eyes especially.

(This is Sanya, for anyone who knows about le wolf story. Not like anyone does, though. Blast. The wolf’s name is Sanya!)

Okay, time for the better drawings.


I am about to die over the 3/4 angle here. This is one of the first times I have tried that, and I’m so proud. It’s based off a familiar, duly-loved Stallion of the Cimmaron….


Words do not describe how proud I am of this. Seriously. He’s amazing. Here’s a comparison:


See! Not exact, but pretty close anyways. Close enough to tell who he is.

Question: Is anyone interested in any more Spirits? He’s so much fun to draw. Maybe some horses drawn in his style? Just let me know.

Also, I’m going out of town on Thursday. I’ll be finishing The Plastic Challenge and reporting on something really, really awesome. Although I won’t have any photos. But still, look forward to it!

See you around!



Sarah Briel’s wish may just have come true

If I recall correctly, Sarah Briel mentioned to me in a comment that she would love to see what my drawings would look like animated. That began the gear-turning in my head, until finally the idea was executed last night. Now I’m addicted.


No background, and the refresh frame sort of bugs me, the way it makes it choppy. But hey! It’s my first animation. And it really moves! The little wolf buddy wags his little wolf tail! Gah!


This is today’s animation. Just a bit more detail. I like this one a bit better than the first. Although the hills move around unnaturally.

Things to work on: stillness of things that need to be still. And editing skills. Perhpas they’d be smoother if I scanned them better.

What do you think? Would it be interesting to see more animations? Let me know.



Amateur Art Update

(Before we begin: why is it that just when I get used to how the WordPress post editor is, Automattic changes it? 8-| )

It has been epochs since I’ve posted some amateur art, though I have been drawing prolifically. But to ease your worries, I’ve picked only my best sixteen to show. Not all of them.

Also, I read the survey results, and although I can’t draw cats (sorry, whoever that was) for a hill of beans, I have been trying to diversify. Slightly.

We’ll begin with the sketchy, not-so-great stuff.


(Lions are cats, right?)


more huskies

The copper husky turned out better than the grey. The grey’s head almost looks too small. Oh well.

(Side note: I have been studying Pirkei Avot with a friend, so naturally, you’ll see some interesting quotes on some of these drawings, like this one. More on Pirkei Avot here.)


I already edited it so that line A is level. 😛 I accidentally drew the horse over-jumping, so I just altered the angle. 🙂

stillmore horses

Here’s another jumper.

evenmore horses

More Pirkei Avot. I like the rider’s posture.

more horses

Still more Pirkei Avot. I like the horse’s big, pretty eyes. I tried to give the chestnut a wall eye, but it was too late, and it just ended up looking odd.


More Pirkei Avot. The quality is getting slightly better…


(Sorry for the high exposure.) Better?



wolves (2)

This is intended to be a female wolf. Better….


From that same sketch. Better!


Pongo from 101 Dalmatians.


Lady and Tramp. Do I actually need to tell you where this is from?

andevenmore horses

I had considered entering this in the Western Horseman Youth Art contest. Any encouragement?

I saved the best for last.


I JUST drew that this morning, copying from an online picture. I love it. The mouth looks just right! Hooray!

That just about wraps things up. I hope you enjoyed the more diverse selection of drawings.



Crazy Russian Hacker, Updates, and Some Other Nonsense

First of all: Have you heard of Crazy Russian Hacker? Because if you haven’t, I need to redirect you to his Youtube channel: Crazy Russian Hacker

I love this fellow’s videos (or, as he says them, veedyos). When he announced that he was taking fan mail, I considered a lot of things I could send him, but I eventually decided on a drawing…SO this means more amateur art! Variety lovers rejoice!


I just learned how to draw huskies, which is perfect. After all, he has two. I’m quite happy with the way this turned out…I’m going to make a photocopy to keep.

Now, for travel plans and other stuff…I’m going to Louisiana for the holidays, and besides my doll stuff, which we will not discuss at the present moment, I’m undertaking something that sounds like fun – The Plastic Challenge.

The rules of this game are simple.

  1. Gather up about twenty little plastic Chuck E. Cheese guys (like army men, cowboys, horses, whatever. I’m using ninjas.).
  2. Set a time period (mine is the week I’ll be gone).
  3. See how many you can leave in interesting places (with notes telling to pass it on).

I have these twenty plastic ninjas I got at Gattiland that I’ve been trying to get rid of, and I finally developed this challenge to get rid of them. Hopefully I’ll get a picture of each one and its note. The note is IMPORTANT.

If you feel like doing this challenge, let me know – maybe we can compete to see how many we can do.

I’m leaving on the 23rd and won’t be back till the 2nd, but I will have lots of interesting nonsense to share. 🙂

Where are you going this holiday season?






That really is all that I wanted to post here. Just another horse drawing. But I liked this one’s throatlatch and expression (even if the reins are morphing into invisibility).

How good is this one? I would love it if you’d tell me. It takes less than two minutes.

Enjoy! And do leave feedback!