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Fauxthors™: A Collab with Jo @ The Lens & The Hard Drive (feat. a special guest) {APADO #10}

(this is APADO, a series where I attempt to post once a day for the entire month of october. despite sickness. despite life. i’m not doing half bad so far.)
(Jo posted part one on her blog – you should go check it out!)
(ugh no one is going to like this)


Okay so I’ve got this habit. Superpower. Thing. It’s like, whenever I’m just sitting reading a comic book or like anything and someone says my name, I’m like what? where did that come from?

And like, I just heard someone say my name.

It was something like “Bring Sasha next time!” Except it was echo…i…er.

So it was more like – bring bring bring Sasha Sasha Sasha next next next time time time.


Like, it was pretty much a Bat-signal for ME.

So here I am! What are we doing? What’s going on? WHAT AM I NEEDED FOR?

Questions? Gotcha. I’m a question machine. I’ll answer questions like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’ll answer as many questions as – oh.

Asking questions?

Well honestly I’m not as good at that but hey, I’m not horrible either, right?

I guess it would help if I read this paper thingie. Who’s even answering these questions?


*clears throat* Ladies and gentlemen…

…but do any guys even read this thing? seriously though…

…it’s my honor…and duty…and privelege…

…I present to you…


@ The Lens & The Hard Drive

Jo’s an awesome writer writing awesome stories like, all the time! But especially during Nanowrimo. Which is legit the craziest challenge ever.

But just like Tess – oh wow I am being so meta here, mentioning my creator and all – Jo writes for fun.

So like, her and Tess have these sessions where they just talk about writing like they know what they’re talking about and they really don’t and both of them know it and they still try to talk about it anyways.

Recently they started calling themselves Fauxthors™. It’s demeaning, but accurate I guess. Don’t forget the trademark!

I mean, I get it. I get doing something and not wanting to make a job out of it. I play baseball and I’m not half-shabby at it but I’m not signing up for the major leagues or anything.

Oh yeah, we were talking about writing. Fauxthors™. Nanowrimo.

And I was supposed to ask Jo these questions about Nanowrimo.

How did we get talking about baseball?


So, Jo. Nanowrimo novels. What’s got you up late at night this time around?

I’m worried it’ll be cliche, boring, and not very coherent. And that I’m copying from other stories. I sure hope not!

Oh gosh I hate that feeling. When you’re trying to be original and you feel like you might not be. Or maybe that trying to be original is unoriginal and you should just not try and be unoriginal and there’s no answer to the conundrum and I need to stop talking. How well do you know your MC?

I woulda scrapped my story if it hadn’t been for Gale. I knew her like a best friend- which she was in many cases. I probably would know what would happen if Gale came here. XD

Okay hands down, Gale is the best. She’s like seriously awesome. Can she come hang out with me sometime? We could watch cartoons and eat Cracker Jacks. OH MAN I LOVE CRACKER JACKS.

QUESTIONS. That’s right. So like, I know you call little baby ideas something…what is it…plot bunnies. What was the first plot bunny that brought about your current idea?

The first plot bunny I thought of was, “what if there was a girl who loved photography as much as I do?” Nothing big. “What if this girl did a stakeout, like I did?” Again, nothing big. So I kept it in my notebook. I was reading some books and watching some videos when the final bunny popped up. “What if this girl was taught by her dad who’s in the army?” And that’s started it all.

I’m like already feeling for your character! I do stakeouts, my dad taught me like a ton of everything I know, and I’m not really good at photography but I love pictures? Mine are always…blurry. For some reason. Huh.

But like how do you guys come up with these ideas? They’re seriously awesome. I know there’s something like pantsing, planning, something like that…which one did you pick? And why?

I just pantsed because it seemed like fun. Not knowing how or where or why and finding it out was exciting. The results of that led to a villain I was terrified of, so I didn’t touch it for a while. That’s when I switched to outlining, so I knew what was happening.

Outlining. My teachers tell me to outline my papers and I think it takes longer to outline them than to write them so I usually just skip it. I end up getting bad grades. But honestly I get bad grades no matter what I do. It’s like my curse.

All this must take like a bunch of time. How much time do you spend thinking about your nano?

My first NaNo, I gave it 10 minutes before I decided I wanted to it, not much time for thought. XD I just jumped into it, went in blind. Since then, it’s always on my mind! I’ll be doing something mundane, then go, “Dareine would do this”. It worries my family. 😛

If your family’s not worried, you’re not living, Jo.

Honestly, writers are like super-cool. I don’t understand how they work. But I don’t think Tess or Jo really understand either? Hey, it’s all cool. Let’s move on to these questions about writing and stuff.

So, back on you, Jo…who’s an author you look up to?

I could name 5 and that would be the tip of the iceberg. But one that I reaaaaally look up to is J.R.R. Tolkien, of course. Some say he spent too much time in worlds that don’t exist, but I think he made a haven for weirdos like me. 😛


But how do you keep going? What’s something that kept you going when you wanted to quit?

Enni. On the last day of camp, I’d been told that nobody asked me to join Camp NaNo, and that made me want to quit. My cabin promptly convinced me otherwise, with Enni very efficiently scolding me. XD I have the paragraphs to prove it!

AWWWWW THAT IS SO SWEET! Enni’s pretty awesome. Me and her characters get along great.

Gosh this is so meta.


So, like, that’s what keeps you going, but…what’s the reason you write?

Ultimately, I want to glorify God, and I want to tell stories. It actually started for stuff for me to read. Whole worlds I could call home, and characters I could call friends. Somewhere along the road I guess I figured maybe other people would want to see those worlds too.

WOW. That’s deep. That’s like. Wow. I can’t even. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m wiping tears. Jo, you’re breaking me down.

So – just takin’ some notes here, cuz your novel-writing thing is actually really cool – how do you come up with your stories? Where do you look to for inspiration?

Someone once told me to write about life. So I did. That’s where I find it from. I find it from normal things like going to church late, getting migraines, and oak trees, kids talking. Other writers, books, music. Little normal things like that that nobody except me notices.

Maybe that’s where I’ve always gone wrong. I’ve always thought you had to have something amazing to write about. I think someone once said that the best inspiration is life. But I don’t remember who it was. Maybe it was my mom. Or me. Or some guy on TV. Honestly who cares, SOMEONE said it.

So like, it must be weird, though, when people find out that you write stuff. Even if you are a Fauxthor™. What’s been a memorable reaction when people eventually find out you write?

It had been the last days of April Camp NaNo, and I was talking to my cousins online, and they ask me what I’m up to. So I’m like, “do I tell them about Camp NaNo or not?” I decide to tell them, and when I’m done, my cousin Jon asks me, “have you joined a cult? !?” And my other cousin’s like, “ good luck with Camp No no!” Thanks guys. Thanks.


But hey everything looks like a cult until you get to know what it is.

Even cults.

But aren’t cults really cults so duh they’re going to look like cults?

I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

This has been like, so fun! I’m going to have to convince Tess to let me on here more often. I could talk for like, five hours! On anything! Everything! Just get me going and I –

I’m sorry. I had to cut that off. I couldn’t let her talk you guys until your graves. BECAUSE SHE WOULD.

Honestly, Sasha is a character could write for hours. I wasn’t originally planning to feature anyone, but then Jo made Gale give me my interview…and I couldn’t resist. Especially knowing how much some of you like Sasha. I’m looking at you, Madi.

I want to thank Jo sooooo much for collabing on this with me! Fauxthors™ for the win.

You can find Jo at her blog, The Lens & The Hard Drive. She’s super relatable and has goregous photos. Go ahead, drop by!

This post was a mess. I’m regretting everything.

tl;dr: I rambled way too long with Sasha and had Jo answer some questions and remembered why posts need to have structure.

Please forgive me.

Sayonara for now,



If I Were A Dog {Feat. Enni and Scout}

(Okay, Enni put her part of this a week ago, and I meant to put up my part sooner, but…my life is kind of a tornado of busyness right now, so let’s pretend this is on time.)
(All images are via Google. I don’t have time to link them up today, but know that I didn’t make any of them. :))

Let me preface this by saying that Enni is one of my best friends and whenever we get together, something awesome comes out of it. I’m so lucky to have her email address. Hehe.

A few weeks ago, we were discussing dog personas and she thought it would make a terrific collab, so here we are! (Except I’m fashionably late. As usual.)

If you follow Enni’s blog, you’ve already heard about what I’d be like as a dog. And if you don’t follow Enni’s blog, you’re missing out. Click the red button to be transported to her very awesome, unique, fun world! (Link opens in new tab.)


If Enni were a dog…

…what breed would she be?

Probably a Samoyed, just like Misty! The only difference is that I’m a bit shier. 😉 But otherwise it’s a perfect match – stubborn, alert, friendly, conservative, gentle, yet can fight back if necessary.

And adorable. Enni is a real smol bean, to use the vernacular. She’s so happy and friendly that the only type of dog she could be is a floofy marshmallow dog like her dog Misty.

Image result for samoyed
^ floofy marshmallow dog

…what would be her favorite thing to do?

I think cuddling with humans. XP

I would probably own Dog-Enni, so she could sit on my lap and lick my face and that would be pretty nice.

…what would be her favorite food?

Ice. Misty loves ice, so I feed it to her from our dispenser in the freezer. She’s trained herself to get it herself though…Even as a human, I still like sucking it. 😉

Okay as far as dog tricks go, getting ice is pretty awesome.

Image result for dog getting ice from fridge
And yep, apparently it’s possible. Unless your dog is like, six inches tall.

…what would be her favorite toy?

SQUEAKY TOYS. Have you heard them? They are terribly satisfying.

YESSSSS I love squeaky toys. I can see her having one that looks like a donut. Maybe a hamburger. I’m not sure.

Image result for dog playing with toy gif
^ actual footage of me trying to reach my goals, btw

…would she dig holes?

To be honest, yes. I think it’d be nice to have your own little personal tunnel…

And if I owned a marshmallow dog in our 100+ degree summers, I wouldn’t blame her for trying to get cool. Our dogs certainly do.

Image result for dog digging gif
^ toasted marshmallow dog

…who would end up owning her?

Uh, no idea. Hopefully somebody nice who can give us the attention that I deserve.

Translation: Me. *jazzhands*



Enni is a really special person and I really hope you end up following her! She posts photography, quizzes, tips, thoughts on life, poems, adorable dog pictures, and updates on her WIP Blizzards. (Which is awesome. Just saying.)

Click below to go to On The Wings Of A Dream!

Courtesy of Enni.




My name’s Scout. I’m four months old and very handsome.

I live with my brother and my three cousins in backyard with two slides and at night I sleep in a crate on top of my cousin Chase.

This is what I look like:


My mother was a Chihuahua and my father was a Fox Terrier.

They sometimes call me a Taco Terrier but I think that’s kind of embarrassing.

My other nicknames are Scouty, Scouters, Scoot, Scouty-Wouty, Wittle Scouty, Snickerdoodles, and Scoutydoodles. Most of those are embarrassing too.

I’m only about a foot tall but I bark like I’m a Great Dane.

I really like to run around and dig holes and sit on Tess’s lap, because she rubs my back and feeds me treats.

I have lots of friends, but Misty is my best friend. We talk over Tess and Enni’s chats and then delete all the history so they’ll never find out!

When Tess and Enni decided to do this collab, I wanted to do the opposite with Misty – what would we be like as humans?

But the most annoying thing happened: before I got a chance to ask Misty the questions myself, Tess asked Enni and Enni answered all the questions for Misty.

Aren’t humans cumbersome sometimes?

So all of these questions are Enni answering for Misty.


But they’re still really fun and I hope you enjoy!

If Misty were a human…

…what would she look like?

This is hard because Misty has white hair. XD I spent about thirty minutes trying to edit someone’s hair to look white (because all the white-haired people are either elderly or look sad/trying to be cool) BUT I COULDN’T MANAGE IT. So, just turn this girl’s hair white using imagination, won’t you?

I think the real Misty is much prettier. Just saying. Dogs are always better than humans.

…what would she wear?

Wintery styles. We’ll give her a black tee, a silver scarf with gold tassels, a (heavy) white cardigan, skinny jeans, and…black high-heeled boots which might be something I would wear minus the boots. 😉

I think it’s accurate…but what’s a cardigan?

…would she talk in an accent?

Misty’s breed origin is Russian but she was born in Oregon. XD Probably not? NO WAIT. She’d have a Boston accent. Totally.

She actually kind of does have a Boston-dog accent. All dogs from Boston bark like her.

…what movies/music would she like?

Live music. Listen, Misty NEVER howls with recordings – only singing or music that’s uh…live? I dunno. XD As for movies…she’d be all about the comedy.

Live music makes my ears hurt. It’s too loud.

…what would her bedroom look like?

The color scheme would be…wintery. I mean, she’s a snow dog! I always feel like people who love winter are more chill, though, but Misty? Eh, I’d say that her personality would suit a summer-lover. Strange. Anyways, here’s a picture off Pinterest for her bedroom:

Decorating theme bedrooms - Maries Manor: Winter wonderland and winter sports theme decorating

I really want to go dig in those covers. They look soooo warm.

…would she have hobbies?

Misty would adore journalism. She loves poking her nose into other people’s business – sometimes literally. When two people hugs, she barks, jumps, puts one hand on each shoulder and tries to separate them so that she can squeeze in between. XD Anyways, I think a journalist would be the perfect career for her. She would also garden since she already dug several nice holes in our yard and she’d definitely be into art as well – she might even be into carpentry; you should see what she’d done to our chairs. XD

I think that’s accurate. I like gardening too!

…what celebrities would she like?

I honestly don’t think that Misty would be into celebrities. XD

I’m a celebrity though. And she likes me well enough. Sooooo…me?


Still Scout here.

Do you know what the greatest injustice in the entire world is?

I don’t have a blog!

Tess hasn’t EVER let me post on hers, either, until today, but she probably won’t let me anymore because I said that dogs were better than humans!

But Misty has a blog! You should go visit it.

Click the picture of Misty to visit it!


Goodbye for now, but I hope I get my own blog someday, so I can tell you about all my adventures!

Sincerely, Scout.

(not Snickerdoodles. I’m very masculine.)


I don’t know about you, but I thought this post was a ton of fun. Thanks, Enni for doing it with me!

Do you have a dog? What would you be like as a dog? What would your dog be like as a human?

Should I let Scout have his own blog?

Sayonara for now,