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A Quick Update On My Second MAP {APADO #21}

(This is APADO yadda yadda yadda I’m sure y’all are as sick of this intro as I am. Haha.)

(And since I’m running short on time, this will be an extremely quick post. Better content tomorrow, I swear.)


After finishing my first MAP part, I decided to jump right in on a second. I haven’t been working very faithfully on it, but it’s coming along nonetheless.


I decided to do a horse this time, just because I haven’t done one before. My part has two sections – one that’s slow (purple) and one that’s faster (yellow). I’ve decided to go for a walk cycle with creative backgrounds for the first section and a gallop cycle for the second, and hopefully it’ll be inventive enough to look good.


I’ve been using Richard William’s Animator’s Survival Kit. I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s scathing in places, but has so much useful knowledge.

That’s pretty much what I have so far. I’m hoping to try and wrap up the keyframes before Nanowrimo starts – honestly, the fact that it begins in a week or so is terrifying me.

Sayonara for now,


6 thoughts on “A Quick Update On My Second MAP {APADO #21}”

  1. I love the way the horse’s legs look in the yellow gallop cycle!

    And I love the post-a-day idea. You have been very faithful and disciplined on this. Way to go!

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