Epic Houstonian Adventures – Part One: Nigel


Rejoice – it’s a blog graphic. I never make those. But I finally hauled my rear to Canva and made it. So be proud, please, and don’t expect it to ever happen again.

But a set of adventures as awesome as the ones that have been going on for the past two weeks deserves a blog graphic.


Midland, TX
August 4th, 2017
5:00 am

We had a rental car (because Andre wasn’t going to be able to come). We had our bags packed. Everyone was buckled in, breakfasted, and ready to begin our crazy journey to Houston, then Shreveport, in less than twenty-four hours. Let’s put that on a map and see how many miles that is.


Without stopping (as we did), that’s a twelve hour drive of 722 miles. Not as impressive as some road trips, but certainly insane for a day.

Usually, when we go to Shreveport, we just hit I-20. But this time, we needed to go down to Houston to see what could become our new van. We’d elected (after lots of debate) that his name was Nigel, because Nigel came from a Gaelic word for black, and he was a black van.

Same day
Houston, TX
1:30 pm

First of all, I want you to check out this listing for Nigel. Be sure to look at all the photos. It may help you see through our eyes.

Fred, our salesman, had obviously never sold a van. I hope we didn’t intimidate him too badly with our questions and comments and confidence….

But from the online listing, Nigel looked pretty good. Right?


Who would have thought that….

  • Nigel had no seatbelts in the back row….
  • Nigel had no air conditioning in the back row….
  • Nigel’s entire back row was a poorly-executed aftermarket job….
  • Nigel had been painted black to hide all his paint failure….

We decided that the only Nigel this van was going to be the namesake of was Nigel Thornberry.


We reached Shreveport safely, with all our money, but we were still dissapointed. I mean, we’d taken a huge detour for a blarghgalarghalargh.

Nigel thornberry

Yeah, I’m having too much fun.

But not all was lost – next part: Roxie!

Have you ever had a bad car buying experience? Do you know anyone who has? Do tell, please!

Aand…Secrets! (This is Trivia!)

What TV show does Nigel Thornberry come from?

The answer will be all lowercase and all stuck together.


2 thoughts on “Epic Houstonian Adventures – Part One: Nigel”

  1. Great post again from Steeplechase! Nigel Thornberry comes from the TV show thewildthornberrys. (“The Wild Thornberrys”) I liked the blog graphic. You should consider doing more of those for upcoming posts.


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