End-of-summer ‘where have you been?’ post.

I’m not sure who said that summer was supposed to be laid back, but whoever they are, they should be banned from speech. My summers are always crazy busy, and this one has been no exception.

Where do I start?

Oh yeah, Camp Nano. Yes, I won with 50,004 words. Basically, I did Nanowrimo in July. To put that into perspective, if I recieved a dollar for every word I wrote this July, I would have enough money to buy my family a brand new Chevrolet Express 3500.

Which brings us to our van-shopping adventures. We have a fifteen-passenger Express who is white, ginormous and named André,  like the heavyweight champion André the Giant. We named him that because that guy plays our favourite character from The Princess Bride, Fezzik.


Anyways, André is as old as I am, so naturally he isn’t very good on the highway anymore. Considering that we do frequent commutes and road trips, we’re looking for another van – not to replace André, but one we can use on the interstate. So my mom has been looking all over creation for one within our price range and not halfway across the country. (Well, scratch that. We live in West Texas. The van we’ve scouted out is in Houston. That is halfway across the country. :P)


Here’s a van like him. We’re considering naming him Schwartz, Dougal or Nigel.

Conveniently, we’re going to Shreveport this weekend, so we’re going to alter our usual I-20 route and go down to Houston to see Schwartz/Dougal/Nigel. I’ll have to decide which name works best for him when we see him in person. Which do you think is best?

Let’s see, what else have I been doing? I’ve been bowling on Thursday nights, which is fun, and I’ve also been working at a stable. In exchange for cleaning tack and helping younger kids with thier lessons, I get to ride, so I’m loving the arrangement.

I’ve also been biking. I recently worked up to guts to ride in a skate park. That was fun.

Then I have been trying to manage these two blogs and still eat and sleep.

It’s going to be even busier once the school year starts, so I’m making the best of things and collecting funny memes from the Internet.


How has your summer been?


3 thoughts on “End-of-summer ‘where have you been?’ post.”

  1. Looks like you had a great summer. And wow! That’s a lot of words! I’ve never written that much! I’m proud of myself just to have reached 10,000. 😉 I think Schwartz or Nigel would be a good name for that van; probably Nigel. 🙂


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