Little Art Dump + Camp Nano Pep

After posting about the Lion I did a couple of days ago, I felt so good that I sat down and drew for another hour or so. (Of course, that puts me drawing at almost midnight. Oh well, it’s summer.) Here’s some things I did:

YUS…..finally, a female husky to shake things up a bit. Her ears are a teeny bit off, but I think it’s okay.
Green dog! My little sis and I were playing school and I drew this for ‘art class’. It actually wasn’t half bad (despite being green…)


I love the wolf’s position here!

I’ve been doing some reading, and I found a slideshow (yeah, authoratative) on the differences between wolves and dogs and how you can distinguish them in drawing.


Wouldn’t you like to see this really neat guide? The whole slideshow will be in the Secrets page! To get in, though, you must answer the question (and I’m practically giving it to you)…

What were my sister and I playing when I drew the green dog?

The password will be all lowercase.

Now, for the remainder of this post…

Image result for camp nanowrimo 2017 banner

I’m participating in Camp Nanowrimo this July, and I’ve created a special cabin for anyone who wants to join. All I need is your Camp username and you can be part of the WordPress Authoresses. (You will need to make a project before I can find you. It doesn’t have to be much, just a title and a word goal, really.)

If anyone’s interested, then tell me your Nano username, please! The more, the merrier! I’m also considering making a Chatsy room for it, so this session will be fun!

Good luck with the planning (or pantsing, for that matter!)


16 thoughts on “Little Art Dump + Camp Nano Pep”

  1. Grrr…I couldn’t get into the Secrets page…I thought you guys were playing Pictionary. Oh well! XD I’m horrible at guessing things.
    I LOVE your drawings! I’m not on the official NaNoWriMo website, so unfortunately I can’t join your cabin, but best of luck with that!


      1. Yay, I got in! (I practically didn’t see the caption). XD
        I actually am in Nanowrimo, but on the Young Writer’s site instead of the main one. So I’m assuming you can’t join cabins on there? 🙂


      2. Oh, okay! I’ve already started my novel on the YWP site, so I don’t think I’ll be able to join, but thanks soo much for inviting me anyways! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh, I’m seriously in love with the wolves. I actually really like the color of the green dog. You don’t often see them green but it’s really pretty. 😉


  3. Also, thanks for doing my survey. 🙂 I like your idea for sharing some of the things I’ve sewn, but I don’t think I’ve sewn enough things to be able to share them yet. But when I get enough, I’ll be sure to do a post! Just letting you know. 🙂


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