Amateur Art Update

(Before we begin: why is it that just when I get used to how the WordPress post editor is, Automattic changes it? 8-| )

It has been epochs since I’ve posted some amateur art, though I have been drawing prolifically. But to ease your worries, I’ve picked only my best sixteen to show. Not all of them.

Also, I read the survey results, and although I can’t draw cats (sorry, whoever that was) for a hill of beans, I have been trying to diversify. Slightly.

We’ll begin with the sketchy, not-so-great stuff.


(Lions are cats, right?)


more huskies

The copper husky turned out better than the grey. The grey’s head almost looks too small. Oh well.

(Side note: I have been studying Pirkei Avot with a friend, so naturally, you’ll see some interesting quotes on some of these drawings, like this one. More on Pirkei Avot here.)


I already edited it so that line A is level. 😛 I accidentally drew the horse over-jumping, so I just altered the angle. 🙂

stillmore horses

Here’s another jumper.

evenmore horses

More Pirkei Avot. I like the rider’s posture.

more horses

Still more Pirkei Avot. I like the horse’s big, pretty eyes. I tried to give the chestnut a wall eye, but it was too late, and it just ended up looking odd.


More Pirkei Avot. The quality is getting slightly better…


(Sorry for the high exposure.) Better?



wolves (2)

This is intended to be a female wolf. Better….


From that same sketch. Better!


Pongo from 101 Dalmatians.


Lady and Tramp. Do I actually need to tell you where this is from?

andevenmore horses

I had considered entering this in the Western Horseman Youth Art contest. Any encouragement?

I saved the best for last.


I JUST drew that this morning, copying from an online picture. I love it. The mouth looks just right! Hooray!

That just about wraps things up. I hope you enjoyed the more diverse selection of drawings.


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