Steeplechase Challenge No. 1: #early days

Ready to test your limits? Ready to post some interesting things?

Welcome to the Steeplechase Challenges, some short memoir/writing challenges I’ve designed. They’re easy to do, no sign-up required. Just follow the instructions and be sure to tag it in the title!

STEEPLECHASE CHALLENGE NO. 1: On your blog, create a post describing three events or things you can remember from your early childhood. Tag it: #earlydays

1. The Island

My very earliest memory is from when I was extremely little (probably a little over a year old). It’s more like a still picture than a movie, though. We had an island in the kitchen, once upon a time, in that house in Keller, and I remember playing by it. Sort of. I don’t remember what I was playing with, or what anything else looked like. Just the island, and the floor, which was tile.

2. The Horsefly

Skipping a year and a half, this one comes from the town I live in now. I shared a bedroom with all of my sisters, and I toddled in there one day to find the three of them (plus my two brothers) crowded around one of the beds. Coming up, I almost screamed. An enormous horsefly had landed there (the type with red eyes and grey stripes on the back) and wasn’t moving. They were fascinated, but I was freaked out.

3. Tigger

This last event isn’t really an event – it’s a thing. I had this Tigger (from Winnie-the-Pooh) nightlight/crib clip/music box thing when I was little. I specifically remember that when you pulled his tail, it’d move around gently. Sleep aid? Maybe.

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