Aren’t you wondering why I titled this post “Survival”?

Of course you are.

But all I really did was sprain my ankle pretty badly. So yeah, though I have a brace on it, I walk like an infirm, and very slowly, too.


This, however is nothing new, and not because I’ve sprained my ankle before…rather, because the brace is almost exactly like these:


Yes, your suspicions were correct. I am going to be talking about horses.

These are “splint boots” for horses. The idea is that since we are asking more of horses than is natural, we need to support their tendons that are getting strained. The part that goes around the fetlock brings it up and supports it. Almost exactly like the brace I’m wearing.


Now onto other stuff.

How many Nanoditches has everyone done? (A Nanoditch is when you totally discard a story you had earmarked for NaNoWriMo and decide to come up with a new one.)

I’ve done FOUR this year, and I’m attempting to create a new idea right now.


That totally describes my face right now. Can’t you just feel the henchiness?

It’s NaNoPrep/Pep Season!

Yours truly,



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