10 things that you probably didn’t know … {Tess edition}

“10  things that you probably didn’t know” is quite popular, especially on certain video-sharing applications.

Is it okay if I just say I got this idea from YouTube?

But this is a bit different. This time, I’m going to be sharing 10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

10. I completed NaNoWriMo 2015.

Well, at least the YWP. I went for 40,000 words and MADE IT! My novel was crummy, but whatever. This year I’m going for the real thing.

20,000 Words! {NaNoWriMo}
Half-way there! (If anyone makes a Bon Jovi joke, I will personally…never mind. You don’t want to know.)

9. I have been to the Grand Canyon (as well as Four Corners, Petrified Forest, Roswell, and a couple other places).

Yup, it’s true. A couple years back, I took a tour of the Southwest United States. Here are a few photos.


8. I live in Texas.

Flags at the mall.

Betcha didn’t know that.

7. My second favorite animals (horses are first) are blue macaws.


This photo was inspiration for my NaNo last year. (I didn’t take it.)

6. I camp and hike a lot.


My dad was an Eagle Scout, so thus I do a good bit of camping. It’s a ton of fun. This was taken hiking at Fort Davis, TX.

5. When I camp, I sleep outside.


Not my photo. But I do sleep outside when I camp, as in, no tent. It sure beats burning to death in a nylon cave. Last time we went, I got sniffed…by a SKUNK. Just be still is the best advice.

4. I think this is the prettiest place on earth.

Okay, so it sounds strange, but this is my favorite-ist place ever. We found out about it because while we were camping at Caprock Canyons State Park (near Quitaque, TX), it was hot. REALLY hot. So hot we all got in the car and spent the afternoon driving around. Now, we went to the neighboring town of Turkey, TX, and there we got on a country road and – aaaaahhhhh….it was so pretty…..

3. This is my favorite color.


‘Nuff said.

2.I am a total Thomas and Friends nut, but only the early 1980s-90s ones.

Meaning, this (This comes from the episode where Thomas leaves the train behind. I love that one.):

“Well, bless me, if we haven’t left it behind!”

Not this weird CGI garbage:


1. My desk is an eclectic collection of stuff.

DSCN0077If you want to know what anything is, or its significance, just ask me. I would be happy to tell you.

Well, the end. I welcome you to try this with yourself! You’ll be surprised at what sort of stuff you’ll find that is extraordinary about what you do or like. 🙂

What was the thing that surprised you most? Let me know in comments!

Yours truly,


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