Bamboo, curb bits & “Johnny Tremain”

G’day, followers and friends.

I have bamboo shoots now!


They are very nice. You have to keep them out of direct sunlight, though, or they will wilt and die.


A close up of their roots through the Mason jar they’re in.


Now for the curb bits. There is a really neat antique store near where I live called Wall Street Antiques. They have a little bit of everything, from old militaria to comic books to vintage household goods to typewriters to board games to saddlery, like the bit I found. The rust on it does not mean it is in bad condition. Let me explain.

Most Western bits are made of a metal called sweet iron. The reason they call it such is because it tastes sweet in a horse’s mouth, the same way pennies taste sweeter than dimes. (If, as a young child, you ever ate your father’s coin collection, you would know what I’m talking about.) As the horse salivates, it rusts the metal, so that when you put the bit back in, it makes the horse salivate more – sort of a vicious cycle.

*end of lecture on sweet iron*


I also found an original copy of Johnny Tremain there. It is an excellent book, and the library binding will ensure it’ll stay that way.


Have you read Johnny Tremain?

That’s it for now. Next time: more amateur art!

Yours truly,

Tess Richardson

(P.S: I have not written up anything else about Maniac yet. Please hold on that for a couple days.)

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