Amateur Art

Let me begin this post by saying – I am in no way an artist of any kind. I have not taken any courses on drawing save one on drawing horses, which, the basic techniques remain the same, but drawing horses is much different than drawing anything else. But I like to draw things for fun, you know? Doesn’t everyone? Here are some of my little sketches and whatnot that have been good enough to post here.


Random tip #1: You can draw anything, even if you don’t specialize in that specific field. For example, my sister got a new puppy, and whilst it was sleeping in my lap I did some sketches of it in my notebook. It was an exceedingly cute puppy. They decided to name it Negev, the Hebrew word for desert, because it is a rescue pup – it was found in a box of four dead puppies burning to death because here in Midland there are entire weeks where the temperature does not drop under 100 degrees. (Ahem. Sorry for the filibuster.)


Random tip #2: It is very, very normal to have bad drawings, sessions or even days. Don’t give up just because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. In this one, Negev looks like a rat or perhaps a gerbil-lion crossbreed. Not right for a pitbull pup.


A random drawing of the Queen Of Spades. If I were playing Hearts, I would have passed her to someone else.


Random tip #3: Study hard! I’m not telling you to review for your math test. In drawing, a picture done insanely fast without stopping to erase (or think, for that matter) is called a study. This picture (still unfinished) is an edited study, meaning I went through and filled in the lines I liked, and erased the lines that didn’t work out. I like how the rider is sitting, but the horse could use some work. I think the legs need to be bigger, and the chest and neck not so chunky. It also needs a goodly bit of background.


Random tip #4: Draw from real life, but draw from imagination too. I am not telling you to invent weird creatures or design spaceships (but if you want to, knock yourself out; no one’s holding you back). The sink in this picture is entirely imagined. My kitchen sink is deeper, with tan formica countertops instead of pearly gray marble. Plus, my handle is more like a lever than a knob. But I did not feel like standing in front of my kitchen sink to sketch. The hands were easy – I held out my left hand (I’m right handed) and quickly did a study on it, then copied what I had drawn to the other one, just reversing the order of the fingers. Originally, they looked like mittens, with the fingers all drawn together, but then I said, “If you were running your hand through water, you wouldn’t have your hands clamped together like vices. You’d have them spread out like you felt you were alive!” Thus made this drawing. (Those bracelets actually do exist – I wear them every day.)


Finally, this is a quick n’ easy bedroom drawing I did on notebook paper. The blinds are crooked on purpose (I never am able to keep blinds straight, for some reason.) The net next to the bed is something I’ve always wanted to try, but never have gotten around to.

That’s basically it. Maybe this week I’ll make something new and post it. How does that sound, CLARA??? I know you are my only follower right now, so I will start addressing YOU more often. Sound good?

See ya later, CLARA!

From, Tess


14 thoughts on “Amateur Art”

  1. Oooh, those drawings are REALLY good! 😀 Hands are always hard for me… so are animals! You did a great job. 🙂
    Wow, really? I’m your only follower? Do you mind if I mention your blog in a future post? 🙂

    -Clara ❤


    1. Very funny – I am a terrible cat artist. They never look the way I want them to. And with equine legs and hands, it often turns out where I think I’m doing great, and then one line looks weird, and then it looks bad. In other words, I win some, I lose some.


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