Petitions, petitions

I must confess, when the city first came out with the news that they were going to ‘coll’ the ducks at a local pond, I had a “city will do what city will do” attitude toward the whole ordeal.

Even when I saw groups of people standing outside the now fenced-off park, I wanted to pretend they didn’t exist. But the signs hanging limply on the Rent-A-Fence could close no ears. “Park Temporarily Closed For Maintenance”, it told me.

This may just be my opinion, but euthanasia should never count as maintenance.

Someone started a petition online to try and save the ducks. Of course, the target audience was my community personally, but I think anyone who wants to keep ninety ducks alive can sign.

Click here to sign the petition.

Thanks! Let’s see some change happen.


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