Guadalupe Mountains, National Park

So…We Meet Again…For The Third Time… (Let’s hope I can say that without sounding like your nemesis.)

This past Sunday, I took an all-day hiking trip in the Guadalupe Mountains. They are a very pretty tract of land near the southern border of New Mexico. Let me take you to school.

DSCN0042 (1024x768)This is a very bad, very blurry picture, but we had to leave before sunrise to get there on time. Random sidetrack story: I had intended to go to bed at ten o’clock the night before, but that didn’t happen, and I was in bed at eleven-thirty. (I sort of go to bed kind of late all the time. Nobody’s perfect.) I didn’t get to sleep until midnight. (I have a minor form of insomnia, I think. It always takes me a little to get to sleep.) And I woke up at four the next morning, because we needed to leave at five, so I ended up with four hours of sleep. Yippee.

DSCN0043 (1024x768)I didn’t take anymore pictures until we got there, at about eight o’clock. (It would have been nine, but we crossed over one of the time zones getting there, so yeah.)

Now here are a bunch of pictures that I didn’t want to make you scroll through, so I turned them into a gallery.

Now for my peak pictures.

And now for the way down. It was better because it was downhill. Of course, I didn’t take as many photos because they would be repetetive.

And then I was on my way back, after dinner. I took a bunch of good sunset photos.

But since they all look the same I did not caption them. You can judge them. I had some selfies, but they were bad like they always are.

Now for the shocker. There are no gains without pains, yes?

DSCN0112 (1024x768)Very blistered on the arch of my foot. Two days later, it’s doing better, but it still hurts. It was big!

That’s the scope of things. Consider Guadalupe Mountains National Park as your next hiking destination!

Unless you’re a couch potato. Then you can enjoy my photos!

See you soon!

-Tess Richards


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