The Beginning Of It All

G’day. I’ll bet you came here from Silver Sky Dolls, my other blog, and I’ll bet you’re wondering why I decided to begin the personal blogging adventure.

I have been putting a little more spam than I usually do in my doll blog, which is bad, because that one is related to dolls and dolls only. So after deep and terrible consideration, I have decided that Steeplechase (the blog you’re reading) will be my outlet. It may flop, it may fly, but I am excited to see who my first follower will be.

Why Steeplechase? It’s sort of a crazy name. A steeplechase in the horse world is a race that goes through several jumps and ditches. My outlook on life is a lot like that – a lot of it is going through obstacles. In this same way, my blog is not themed persay, unless me-themed counts. I am, as well as many other things:

  • a horse nut
  • a writer
  • a gardener
  • a photographer
  • a half-crafter
  • an artist
  • a reader

In other words, I have my feet wet in a lot of places, and I am liable to get them wet in several more over the years.

I look forward to our days together.

-blackiesunshine (aka Tess).

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